Bold American Guy Destroys A Hot Swedish Host

I had planned to travel to Europe and have a kind of impromptu adventure. I had heard of couch surfing before leaving so I figured I would give it a chance, at least for the first new nights to get used to wherever I ended up. I contacted a Swedish female host and she agreed […]

Australian Guy Bones A Cute Japanese With Nice Natural Jugs

I went to Tokyo to CouchSurf with a local girl there.  She was very outgoing compared to most Japanese I’ve met… we first met up at a restaurant with all-you-can-drink beer for ¥1200. (~$12). Her place was tiny, with only a single bed for her, and a very thin mattress on the floor that she […]

A Croatian Girl With Huge Tits In Portugal

Had a Croatian girl contact me here in Lisbon and see if I can host her. At that time I had my girlfriend living with me, so I declined. Few days later my girlfriend and her friends went to on a trip to France. As soon as she left, I immediately contacted the Croatian girl […]

Cute Spanish Girl in Argentina

I’m pretty active in the Buenos Aires CS community, so I’m constantly going to the meetings to socialize and see what’s happening. We usually get plenty of English tourists, but somehow I ended up chatting to this little Spanish chica. She was petite but with a nice body and nice plump tits. Of course I […]

Two Hot Russian Girls In One Day


It was my 1st time in St Petersburg, Russia, and this girl called Alena offered to host me. At first I decided to stay somewhere else, and her tone in her email was angry that I did not meet up with her. When she contacted me again, she said she can only meet me at […]

Chubby English Girl In South Africa


She was a bit of a fat chic but had a nice body anyway. A bit crazy because she was into witchcraft and shit but I was horny and decided to host her in spite of her bad references. Met her at the backpackers where she stayed and brought her home. We hugged and cuddled […]

Nerdy German Girl In South Africa

I hosted weekly couch surfing meetings and she mailed me to ask if she could stay at my place to attend the meeting because it was within walking distance of the meet up. I agreed even though she looked a bit nerdy in her profile pic. But somehow nerdy girls always give good sex. She […]

Latvian girl in Istanbul, Turkey


I’m a Turkish guy, 25 years old. I live  in Istanbul. I usually host girls, but for some reason things have been dry lately. So I logged into the community part of CS, and who do I see?? A Latvian girl is asking for “advice” on what to see in my city. I browsed over […]

German Girl With A Perfect Body And Huge Tits in Mexico

It happened a couple of years ago, I hosted a blonde girl from Germany, she was not thin or fat, had a perfect body with huge tits and good ass. Besides beautiful, she was very intelligent, that was interesting to me; after walking all day for my city in Mexico, we were at home talking […]

Icelandic guy’s couchsurf in Kenya turns into a horror story


After a month in busy Nairobi I decided to escape the city life and head for the beach on the east coast of Kenya. I came on a one way ticket to Kenya and try to travel cheaply so I can stay for as long as I need. Instead of checking into hotels I try […]