Latvian girl in Istanbul, Turkey


I’m a Turkish guy, 25 years old. I live  in Istanbul. I usually host girls, but for some reason things have been dry lately. So I logged into the community part of CS, and who do I see?? A Latvian girl is asking for “advice” on what to see in my city. I browsed over […]

German Girl in Mexico

It happened a couple of years ago, I hosted a blonde girl from Germany, she was not thin or fat, had a perfect body with huge tits and good ass. Besides beautiful, she was very intelligent, that was interesting to me; after walking all day for my city in Mexico, we were at home talking […]

Icelandic guy’s couchsurf in Kenya turns into a horror story


After a month in busy Nairobi I decided to escape the city life and head for the beach on the east coast of Kenya. I came on a one way ticket to Kenya and try to travel cheaply so I can stay for as long as I need. Instead of checking into hotels I try […]

Slovakian girl with Indian guy in Brazil


I’m [name removed] from India. She came over during the world cup month, I was in brazil for work. While we were having some intense conversation, suddenly she said my mouth smells sweet, I asked if she would like to taste my lips! Bang!

21 Year Old Taiwanese Girl in Copenhagen, Denmark


I was new on couchsurfing. It was autumn i was alone and pretty bored. Had broke up with my exgirlfreind months ago. Surfing at couchsurfing and decided to try send my first offer to host a guest. One traveller found my interest, a young girl from Taiwan needing a couch in the same week. Very […]

Egyptian guy & American Girl in Sorrento


Whats up guys, this is a good one, was travelling around Europe & checked out CS & TravBuddy to find other traveleres, ended up chatting with this American girl from San Francisco that was also going around Europe, we decided to meet in Sorrento, i told her the hotel i was staying at and she […]

Polish Girl in Paris, France


She first contacted me to stay at my place but then said she found another place to stay. On the second day of her stay in Paris, she send me a text, proposing to “have a drink or do something”. I suggest we “do something”. She proposes then to meet at my place. I then […]

Guatemalan girl in Washington, DC


A sort of older girl from my own country (Guatemala) came to visit her sister near my city. She is 39. She contact me to show her around only. So we agreed to meet in a point in DC so we can start the tour. In her profile she looked “aight” indeed she wasn’t my […]

Russian girl in Cairo, Egypt


I’m a 23 year old guy who lives in Cairo Egypt.  I also like Eastern Europe girls, especially Russians and Ukrainians.  Last week I hosted a Russian girl who was traveling alone.  It’s rare that a girl would travel alone but, hey, I will take the opportunity She wasn’t the hottest girl I’ve seen in […]

Romanian girl in Copenhagen, Denmark


I’m an Italian guy (what else did you think from Genoa, Italy.  Been living in Denmark for over 10 years.  Boring country but at least I can have a job here.  Anyhow I have hosted here and there, but most of the time I go to CS meetings, I think they’re a better option anyway. […]